Grupo Balanca Capoeira

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a martial art developed by individuals who came to Brazil from Africa during the transatlantic slave trade. It is believed that they disguised their martial art as a dance (i.e. capoeira) and eventually used it to help escape from slavery.

Capoeira has since evolved through several stylistic stages. Today, the art features kicks, acrobatics, sweeps and throws. Its foundation is in a dance called the "ginga". More information here.


Mestre Valu

Mestre Valu is a mestre (master) of capoeira. He began learning as a young child in the Brazilian State of Bahia (birthplace of capoeira). In the early 1980s he began teaching in Brazil. He has since grown his school to include students in Holland, Gambia and the United States.

Professor Eme Eme

Professor Eme Eme teaches capoeira in Nashville, TN. He leads classes at Vanderbilt University and the Global Education Center. He has been training for 15yrs. In this time he has studied attended with various masters of capoeira in the U.S. and Brazil. The vast majority of his training has been with Mestre Valu, who supervises him in his role as teacher of the Nashville group.

Local Affiliations and Collaborations

In Nashville, Grupo Balança Capoeira is affiliated with the Global Education Center. They host our classes and workshops, as well as feature us in their demonstrations and performances. We assist the Vanderbilt Capoeira Club with class instruction and performances.